THE SHORE apartments inspire regardless of their size. Ranging from perfectly planned two-room apartments with a balcony to large apartments providing enough room for a whole family in the garden and exclusive penthouse apartments with roof terraces – live your life as unique as THE SHORE



The waterview apartments will impress you with their breathtaking direct or indirect views of the waterfront. Various apartments open up flexible options for your individual requirements. For living space overlooking the Vienna waterfront is as exclusive as THE SHORE itself. Enjoy a relaxing sight from the balconies or terraces and allow yourself and your thoughts a perfect escape from the daily routine with your personal vacation feeling.


Place in the Sun

Garden apartments stand out for their beautiful and relaxing location within a park or a garden. Optimal layouts ensure an open ambience and lifestyle. Immersed in nature and located by the water at the same time, the garden apartments boast spacious green areas on the ground floor. Combined with a loggia and a terrace, these garden apartments thereby provide a place in the sun


9 to 15 apartments each


high-end interiors


with pools on the roof


from 42m² to 350m²

HWB (kwh/m²/Jahr): 32 – 36,9 / HWB Energieklasse: B / fGEE: 0,69 – 0,74 / fGEE Energieklasse: A



Fantastic roof terraces offering a 360-degree panoramic view of Vienna, the water and the vineyards as well as the luxury interiors with pools on the roof – the penthouses leave nothing to be desired. Each villa has two sophisticated penthouse apartments on the top floor. By the merging of penthouses, a living space of 350m² can be achieved. Combined with the unique THE SHORE lifestyle concept, the penthouses represent your exclusive hideaway.