THE SHORE combines freedom, fitness, health and wellness into a unique, luxurious lifestyle concept that is made up of the elements shoreTERRAIN, shoreWATER, shoreSERVICE, shoreWORK and shoreLOUNGE.



Enjoy both the calming and stimulating force of water at the unparalleled location on the Danube. Numerous sports and leisure options like swimming, stand-up paddling or boating are awaiting you at your doorstep thanks to your personal access to the beach. The shoreWATER turns living on the waterfront into a revolutionary new experience and brings more wellness into your life



Hiking tours or biking, various castles and palaces to visit or the multifaceted life between the city and the idyllic recreation areas – shoreTERRAIN allows you to live your life in this unique natural and cultural area to the fullest

Spend your time doing things
that make you feel alive



shoreSERVICE stands for an exclusive concierge service that not only relieves you of a wide variety of everyday tasks, but also fulfills your personal wishes. shoreSERVICE offers you the following services, among others, so that you have more room for individuality and more time for the things you really want to do:

• Delivery Services
• Clean management
• Beauty services
• Reservation management

and much more!


Living Space

Opportunities to create more room for your personal living space are offered by the shoreLOUNGE. 

Yoga, party, the common room or a book club, shoreLOUNGE makes space for relaxation, joy, celebration, presentations, meetings and much more – all this in a unique holiday environment on the waterfront. Enjoy your individual community spaces



Relax and have a great time after productive working days, enjoy a laid-back vacation feeling within your own four walls.

ShoreLIFESTYLE provides an environment where you can live your own distinctive lifestyle any way you wish.

Demanding, successful and absolutely relaxed at the same time. Those who work hard would wish to be able to relax sometimes. The element shoreLIFESTYLE blends work with life into a perfect balance